Law enforcement warn dangers of drinking and driving


Hundreds of people made their way to the bars tonight to celebrate both the hoops and the holiday. But officers warn that as the night goes creates more of an opportunity to drink and drive.

“Once evening hits and people have had a chance to get out of work and go to the bar or enjoy some time at home and then they decide to drive, that’s when we see a bulk of our drunk driving occurrences,” says East Lansing Police Lt. Steve Gonzalez.

Whether it’s those enjoying the green beer, or the green and white basketball game, officers say they’ve seen their fair share of celebrations happening around the city. That’s why Lt. Gonzalez says, there are extra officers patrolling the roads, looking strictly for drunk drivers.

“With St. Patrick’s day, the basketball game, and it being a Friday, we do have concerns and that’s why we staffed accordingly just in case,” says Gonzalez.

He says, having a good time, is understandable, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

“Use common sense, look out for your friends, if you feel that someone’s had too much alcohol to drink and they need medical attention call 911,” says Gonzalez.

One of the more important things to remember, is to drive safe and drive sober.

“We make a tour every year, we start out someplace downtown, we pick a designated driver and we just go,” says Rod Austin.

It’s a message Rod Austin hears loud and clear.

“We have friends, we cover each other, next week, we’re driving they’re drinking,” Austin.

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