Law professor weighs in on Simon case


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A professor at Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School is weighing in on the case against former Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon.

Simon is charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors for allegedly lying to police during their investigation into how the school handled the Larry Nassar scandal. She told police she knew a sports medicine doctor was under investigation in 2014, but did not know it was Nassar specifically. Prosecutors say that was a lie.

Simon’s preliminary exam lasted seven days over the course of five months. While both sides gave their closing statements in the hearing Monday, a decision on if Simon will stand trial likely will not come for months.

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Professor Tony Flores called the decision “unusual, but unique to the case,” given how high-profile and complicated it is, as well as how much testimony was heard over the course of the hearing.

“Most cases don’t have this amount of testimony, may not have the myriad of legal issues that are here,” he said.

Now that the preliminary exam is over, Judge Julie Reincke will send both sides transcripts of all seven days of testimony. Once that happens:

  • The prosecution will have 28 days to file a brief supporting their motion to send Simon to trial.
  • After that motion is filed, the defense will have 21 days to file their brief in response to that motion.
  • Following the defense‚Äôs brief, the prosecution will have 14 days to file a rebuttal brief.
  • Following that, Judge Reincke will issue a written decision.

Flores said this shows Reincke is considering her decision carefully.

“That’s indicative of a judge who wants to hear everything before she puts her decision down,” Flores said.

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