LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Lawmakers in the house approved a multi-billion dollar budget Tuesday that would prohibit organizations like Planned Parenthood to be funded by the state.

The proposal would change the law to say: any organization that allows abortions, like Planned Parenthood, will not be able to receive any state funding.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t get any funding from the state now, however representatives in the house want to make sure organizations like them, who allow abortions, won’t be able to in the future, either.

“The stand we’ve taken is that no state money will go to Planned Parenthood, period,” State Representative Gary Glenn said. “In the past, the state has allocated as much as $700,000 to Planned Parenthood and a lot of people in the legislature and a lot of people taxpayers in general object to that because Planned Parenthood is the biggest provider of abortions in the country.”

Representative Glenn said that’s why representatives in the House wanted to add language to the budget saying:  no money, including tax payer dollars, can be given to organizations that allow abortions.

“It only applies to this particular budget,” Glenn said. “But there was a high level of threshold of conscious for a significant number of people on the republican side of the aisle.”

“The intent of this amendment is to take a swipe at Planned Parenthood,” Amanda West, Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood in Michigan said. “But in reality all it affects is future family planning services for our patients and other women and families across the state.”

West said the impact of the proposal won’t be felt as much now, as it will moving forward.

“The vast majority of patients come to us for birth control testing and treatment of STDS and lifesaving cancer screenings, this would prohibit us from increasing those services in the future,” she said. “So every public dollar spend on preventative care services such as those Planned Parenthood provides, saves the state over 7 dollars in spending down the road.”

And since the organization is not state funded, West said the legislature should be focusing on other issues.

“With so many critical issues facing Michigan that have a dyer impact on the budget, why are legislatures focusing on an anti-woman measure that has no budgetary impact,” West said.

However, Senator Rick Jones said while women’s health is top priority, paying for abortions, isn’t.

“Everything is up for debate, and I think most people in Lansing don’t want to pay for abortions with public tax dollars,” Senator Jones said.

The Senate will have its chance to debate on the amendment. Stay with us as we continue to follow developments on this proposal.