LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There is a showdown happening in the halls of the state capitol. Two camps of state representatives have introduced competing bills that could change the course of Michigan’s history.

Both are trying to answer the question:

What should be Michigan’s official state butterfly?

That might sound silly but recognizing state symbols helps to create a brand for Michigan as officials try to sell the state to prospective residents and investors.

Think of other major Michigan symbols, like the Petoskey stone the white-tailed deer and the American robin.

Earlier this month, state representative Brenda Carter introduced a bill to make the monarch our official state butterfly.

The species is iconic but seven other states already include the monarch in their official symbols as well, including nearby ones like Illinois and Minnesota.

That bill went to the committee last week.

Meanwhile, another bill just cleared committee and would make the black swallowtail the state butterfly of Michigan.

While less recognizable, only two other states took the black swallowtail as a symbol and neither of them is near Michigan.