LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Michigan lawmakers on spring break might be getting an earful back home on the gun safety issue.

According to 6 News pollster Bernie Porn, the pro-gun safety coalition could threaten the legislative no votes with a possible recall.

Early on in the debate over gun safety legislation, it was a pro-gun group that was first to threaten the recall of lawmakers who vote yes on gun control.

In an ironic twist to the story, Porn said that pro-gun control backers would absolutely do the same thing in the event of legislative no votes.

But why?

The majority of voter favor locking guns with minors in the house and want to beef up of background checks before weapons are sold.

To make matters worse for the gun lobby, many of their own members agree with the gun safety coalitions and want lawmakers to vote yes.

“It’s not just voters, it Dems, Republicans, independents, gun owners, CPL holders as well as NRA members,” said Porn.

Porn contended that the House members who vote “no” on gun safety measures would be easy targets for a recall, making it more difficult for Republicans to win enough seats to win back House control.

So far, no one in the gun safety lobby has proposed recalling the legislative “no” votes.