Lawmakers encourage Mueller report be made public


The conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is sparking conversations across Michigan and a few state representatives took to Twitter to say what should happen now. 

Also, we spoke to a Michigan political expert. The overall consesus is that Mueller’s report should be made public.

“We have been in a mode of anticipation, What is Robert Mueller going to come up with,” said Bill ballenger. He is the founder and publisher of the The Ballenger Repor which focuses on Michigan politics

“I also comment on national politics as they relate to michigan and obviously what happened today relates to Michigan,” Ballenger added. 

After almost two years Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his investigation into Russian meddeling, which Ballenger believes will be a topic of conversation for awhile. 

“Our delegation here in Michigan is split seven to seven,” Ballenger said. “Seven democrats, seven republicans will try to this alive.”

Right now, the findings of  the report are confidential and Ballnger said, “all of it should become available, I’d like to see all of it.”

A few of Michigan’s leaders expressed their thoughts on Twitter. Representative Dan Kildee added people deserve to know the absolute truth and Representative Debbie Deingell said the people should see the conclusions and ensure the government is working for the people.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel hopes the report is shared with as much openness and transparency as possible.

“Everybody, every citizen of the United States and of Michigan ought to be able to see what exactly was determined by the special council,” Ballenger said. He agrees that there needs to be total transparency.

Ballenger said, “We cannot afford to have things being done in secret or they’re being hidden from the American people.”

On U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Facebook page, she asks people to join her in calling on Attorney General Barr to make the Mueller report public as well.

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