Lawmakers introduce housing crisis bills


The group Housing Michigan is hoping to tackle the state’s housing crisis. They held a rally today at the capitol, and were joined by several lawmakers.

Supporters supporter we spoke say although the housing crisis started well before the pandemic things have gotten even worse in the last year.

Their message today, we need more housing options for average and low income Michiganders.

At today’s rally lawmakers mentioned that housing costs are rising faster than wages. As demand for housing increases advocates say Michigan cannot produce enough housing because of regulatory costs, workforce shortages and more. They also say some buyers wanting to buy up in the 300 or 400 thousand range can only purchase homes in the 100 to 200 thousand rage because there is a lack of inventory or they’re renovating them as an investment. This pushes low-income families out the market.

“We need new strategies to try and get that housing at those mid-price points back into our state. That’s going to take some innovation, it’s going to require some tools that local governments need to be able to attract that kind of investment for their cities,” said Bob Filka, CEO of the Home Builders Association of Michigan.

“We want to make sure that people can get that first home, that home to raise their family, that they can stay in their community, continue to work at that good job,” said Michigan Republican Senator Wayne Schmidt.

Many of the bills introduced today include giving housing developers the power to adjust the payment of taxes, employer supported housing credit, an act focused on attainable housing and more.

Supporters say more bills will be added to the package. The main goal, getting Michiganders to actually buy a home in their communities and close to their jobs.

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