Lawmakers work to help families with child care needs


Washington, D.C. (WLNS)–Families across the country have faced major challenges with childcare during the covid-19 pandemic, and for many of them, it’s not getting any better. Lawmakers are working to help with that.

Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa Delauro says child care problems have skyrocketed under covid, and are a leading cause of working parents, especially women, leaving the workforce. She says childcare providers are also suffering financially.

Georgia Goldburn owns a child care center in Connecticut. She’s asking congress for funding because she says going out of business will hurt working families. Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole says that while childcare is a challenge, the best thing the federal government can do is stay focused on getting schools back open.

The current version of President Biden’s covid relief plan that’s making it’s way through congress provides about $39 billion for child care providers.

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