LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Emma Ann Miller and Ashleigh Weiszbrod said they have been repeatedly victimized. First, by sports doctor Larry Nassar. Then, the FBI dropped the ball by not quickly opening an investigation into Larry Nassar’s assaults.

“I feel like I’ve experienced all of the trauma that I’ve tried to hide,” Emma Ann Miller said. 

“I think with any survivor, it’s just getting through day-by-day, and figuring out what works for you,” Weiszbrod said.

That’s why Grewal joined the fight and took action to hold accountability. 

“I want justice for my clients, I want transparency, and I want a system to be put in place so it never happens again,” Mick Grewal said.

Grewal and his clients are calling out the FBI for their mishandling of the investigation of Larry Nassar, enabling him to continue his assault of female gymnasts.

“Today, we are filing notice of intents, or claim notices, with the FBI to put them on notice that we’re going to be suing them on behalf of 90 clients that were assaulted after July of 2015 by Larry Nassar,” Grewal said.

This follows the Justice Department’s decision not to pursue criminal charges against the former FBI agents who didn’t act quickly. 

“The FBI was on notice of this, they failed to investigate it, they actually sat on the investigation, and as a result of them sitting on it, these 90 plus, in reality over 100 women were assaulted repeatedly, and that should never have happened,” said Grewal.

And the survivors want accountability.

“I do think accountability is extremely important because as we’ve seen in past and recent history, without people being held accountable, things will just progress and get worse and worse,” said Weiszbrod.

They want equality and justification, on all fronts.

“I just think that there needs to be justice for everyone, no matter if you’re the FBI or if you’re someone else that knew about this,” Miller said.

Grewal also told 6 News that he’s proud of the survivors’ courage to do what’s right because, without them, there won’t be change.