EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Attorneys for the man shot by East Lansing police and one of the officers involved are reacting to the newly released video from Meijer surveillance cameras.

East Lansing police have complied with an oversight commission’s vote that called for the release of video showing the moments inside the store right before an officer-involved shooting in April.

The 12 videos show what was going on inside the Meijer store from the time a call came into dispatch, up to when 20-year-old Deanthony Vanatten and several officers ran out of the store toward the parking lot.

The attorney for one of the officers under investigation said he’s glad the videos are coming out.

“I wish this would have been released right at the onset but the process is there for a reason, but now it’s out,” said Mike Nichols, an attorney representing one of the officers. Nichols is representing officer Jose Viera who is under investigation after the shooting that injured Vanatten.

The videos start with Vanatten who was wearing a black ski mask in the produce section of the Meijer store as he walked toward the meat department. He’s later shown standing in line and paying for his groceries.

His attorney said he was running late for a family gathering and was leaving the store when officers arrived.

East Lansing police said Vanatten matched the description given by the caller and officers were responding to that.

“When you look and listen to the body-worn cameras for officers three and four, they are giving him what are called verbal commands. “Stop, hey, stop” and not stopping and frankly starting to run very fast. Those are the first acts of physical resistance from this young man,” said Nichols.

The videos end when Vanatten runs from the store along with several officers following him.

The attorney for Vanatten would not speak with 6 News on camera, but did provide a statement saying this was not the first time Vanatten ” experienced unwarranted and unacceptable police misconduct.”

She added the officers had no justification to detain him.

Nichols said the officers had a duty to respond to the weapons complaint.

“People walk into large situations, into a large grocery store, with guns, with intent. And we can’t just assume that that intent is benevolent, we can’t assume that,” Nichols said.

A gun was not found on Vanatten but one was later recovered at the scene.

His attorney said she’s unable to comment on that because she has not been provided with any reports or findings regarding the gun.

The case is currently being reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office.