LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – At least two college exams were shown to be taken from the same IP address. Which could mean they were done on the same computer.

Lansing Community College officials call it academic dishonesty, but attorney Jacob Perrone said that’s not the case.

“They failed to implement that type of a policy transitioning to remote testing,” Perrone said.

He said while students are required to take supervised exams or in lockdown browsers, that policy has not been consistently enforced. And said failure to follow that doesn’t equate to cheating. He tells 6 news the clients he represents are in the preliminary stages of developing a legal complaint against Lansing Community College.

One of them is Kelly Polash and right now she’s having her transcripts withheld.

“Like how am I accused of academic dishonesty on a policy that’s not a policy. Like how are you holding my transcripts on a rule that isn’t a rule,” Polash said. “I don’t understand.”

Polash said the exam she took had the same IP address as another. And said it’s easily explained, due to a friend that was in-between houses at the time.

“She was living in the house that’s off of the property. But it’s the same Wi-Fi router, so the IP addresses matched,” Polash said.

But she says the IP address isn’t the college’s only concern.

“They used an algorithm to show that we had similar testing scores on a multiple-choice exam.”

No matter what officials say, Polash said she has a proven record of being a good student.

“I’ve always done really well through my studies, and I’ve made the president’s list every semester with LCC, so I don’t even understand where this was coming from,” she said.

Perrone said with other students caught up in this as well, he wants to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

“So that they can move on with their lives, I don’t like the fact that they’ve been stalled.”

6 News reached out to officials with LCC who would not comment on the matter. But they did say that the college takes any allegations of academic dishonesty seriously.