JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – The city of Jackson is working to replace more than 11,000 lead service lines. It’s part of a plan to refresh the cities water–one pipe at a time, and a large phase in the project is set to begin near downtown on Monday.

“It’s good to note for our residents that we are not doing this because we have a known lead problem in our water. We’re doing this because it’s required by the state, but of course, we want to make sure that we think about the future,” said Public Information Officer for the City of Jackson, Aaron Dimick. “We want to make sure that our residents are healthy and they are getting the best water that they are getting,” said Dimick.

These underground water lines are what get water from the water main to the plumbing in your house, and on Monday crews will begin on east Michigan avenue from Cooper street all the way to the city limits near Horton street. It’s around a 1.3 mile stretch that is going to be impacted.

“Starting with lane closures, you’re going to seeing signs, and orange barrels then they will actually be digging in the street, and digging in the side walk to replace the pipes,” said Dimick

East Michigan avenue is one of the busiest streets in Jackson. It connects the east side of the city to 127, downtown and places like Henry Ford Hospital. The good news is while there will be delays and a reduction in lanes, access along this street will stay open. The city says while there is a ways to go to replace every line, this is a key part in the process.

“We’re doing this to improve the city. People always say you need to remove the lead pipes or you need to fix the roads what are you doing about that? That is what this work looks like. We are doing the work of improving our community.”

Construction for this area will wrap up around November.