Libertarian convention leaves party optimistic ahead of November election


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Following Campaign 2016, 6 News continues to follow the latest developments from all parties, including the National Libertarian party of Michigan.

The party held it’s convention in downtown Lansing today at the Radisson hotel, where delegates from across the state nominated candidates for the election in November.

“We have a chance this year and that’s great,” said Mark Rutherford who is running for National Libertarian Chair.

For Libertarians, things may be looking up.

“We actually have the largest convention we’ve ever had for the Libertarian party of Michigan,” Chairman of the Libertarian Convention Committee Bill Gelineau mentioned.

This party has one thing in common.

“They tend to be very passionate about doing things that are good for everybody,” Rutherford stated.

But, what separates them from other political parties?

“What makes us different is that we are actually like the people,” Chair of the Michigan Libertarian Party Kimberly McCurry said.

“Republicans often call themselves conservatives and the Democrats often call themselves Liberals, Libertarians are sort of what I like to think the best of the both of those,” Gelineau stated.

Libertarian nominee Austin Petersen, believes this party allows people to live a life of true freedom.

“The libertarians offer an individualistic society where everyone gets to make the choices for their lives as they see fit,” Petersen mentioned.

During today’s convention, more than 70 nominees were chosen for local, state and federal positions and Libertarians are hopeful that their party will make it into this year’s debates.

“We have a better chance of changing the future in Michigan to a more liberty-minded state,” McCurry said.

“Whoever our nominee is, if that person is able to get into the debates, it’s gonna change the game,” Gelineau stated.

Nominees for the President and Vice President of the party will be selected at the national convention in Orlando, Florida over Memorial Day weekend.

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