“Lids for Kids” gives away hundreds of bike helmets to Lansing families


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Outside the Marshall Street fire station, everyone is wearing their helmets. And those who aren’t are getting fitted for one.

“We’re here for one mission, and that is to get children to wear bike helmets because it’s the best way to protect themselves,” said George Sinas, Managing Partner of Sinas Dramis Law Firm.

Becky Callender makes sure her entire family wears helmets. That’s because a helmet saved her son Henry’s life.

“This was the helmet that Henry was wearing when he was struck, and they said the impact site was back here and that he flew up in the air and landed here and skidded in the grass,” Becky Callender said.

Her son Henry is still in recovery, through physical therapy and having the scar to prove it.

“Unquestionably, the doctors all tell us his helmet saved his life,” Callender said. “There was no way he would be here without it.”

That’s why giving out bike helmets today is so important to many people.

“For a family who’s already had um a loved one with a TBI, it wasn’t necessarily a bike accident, but it was a head injury, and just think if it was a bike, and how crucial that would have been,” Miranda Thomason said.

New data from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning says the number of people killed in bike accidents is up 57 percent, from 21 in 2014 to 33 in 2015.

“About one bicyclist every 11 days is dying on our roadways, and most of those are because they’re not wearing helmets,” Sinas said.

Becky Callender just wants others to be safe.

“Older children, parents, adults, everybody, if you are doing anything um that on a bicycle, on a skateboard, on rollerblades, you need to be helmeted,” Callender said.

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