JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) – If you take a walk around downtown Jackson you’ll be sure to see the smiling face of Evon Beavers. It’s here where every week she sets up this lemonade stand. 

“Day by day I wake up and I say I can’t believe this is my life. I have people in Egypt, I had somebody from Canada, I have people in Germany and they all want my lemonade there,” said Beavers.

But getting to this point wasn’t easy. In April 2020 she lost her job because of the pandemic. It forced her to sell anything and everything she could at a garage sale, including some of her most prized possessions.

“I was at my end. I wanted to give up on life. I felt like I failed my kids. I failed myself, my parents, and I just felt like I had given so much, and it felt like I failed,” said Beavers.

But it was at that garage sale where she first got the idea to also sell lemonade. It’s a decision she says saved her life.

“For three weeks in a row they came, but they didn’t but my clothes. They only bought the lemonade,” she said.

Now as a full-time business owner Beavers says she’s discovered new creativity for life and lemons all while learning the hard way to never give up. It’s a lesson she hopes inspires others.

“No matter what. Be you and be the best at it and to trust God in the process everything will be alright,” said Beavers.

What’s the secret to her lemonade? She’s not ready to give it all away, but she says there’s one ingredient that keeps her going.

“It’s all love. I take those life lemons and I take all of it and that’s how I get rid of all of that negative is to just put some love back into it.