“Life-saving” drug Narcan goes up in price but too valuable to cut back use


JACKSON, MI (WLNS) – We have an update now on a drug that can save lives from drug overdoses. We’re talking about Narcan. It’s an injection that can pull an addict back from the brink of death after an opioid overdose. Health officials say Jackson will be looking at much higher overdose numbers this year compared to 2015. Even so, this medication comes at a cost.

A recent study shows a dose of Narcan has gone up by as much as 17 times the original price. We know Jackson has a history of heroin abuse.

Police continue to deal with Heroin overdoses including two over the weekend. Narcan, or its generic term Naloxone has seen a price increase. Will this put a strain on its resources?

Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl said, “keep in mind that what it’s being used for and the value of it. We’ll find the monetary resources to cover those costs. It’s obviously a very worthwhile thing and it’s a very worthwhile tool to keep in our tool bag to carry with us.”

That comes at a cost of about $30 per use. But, health officials are concerned about something other than money.

Jackson County Medical Control Authority Assistant Medical Director Dr. Michael Fill said, “the big concern would be is the supply of the medicine. If the supply of the medicine is interrupted. Like how we’ve had with other medications. Like if there’s a contaminated batch or if there’s a problem at the factory, etc etc, that would be more concerning that the cost would be.”

And over the weekend police had to go to two separate locations — on Washington Avenue and First Street in Jackson for overdoses leaving police to ask for help.

Undersheriff Kuhl said, “burglaries and things like that are a direct result of people trying to obtain money for heroin, so it really does affect all aspects of the community. That’s where we really need everyone’s help is turning these people in. Not standing for this type of activity in  your community.

So, in the end this life saving drug is too valuable to be cut back on. At least for now.

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