“You know to be clear, Jake Rudock is our best Quarterback, not by a small margin” commented Michigan Football coach Jim Harbaugh during his weekly press conference on September 25, 2015

“For me that was, hey that means I’m doing a good job, it’s kinda like a little pat on the back, keep doing what you’re doing thing but obviously not trying to read too much into it just focus on what I could do at that time” said the Lions newest QB when asked about the praise from his former college coach.

3000 passing yards, 19 passing touchdowns, 10 wins and the right to call himself an NFL draft pick, former Michigan QB Jake Rudock accomplished a lot in just one season in Ann Arbor, and he hopes to add to that list of accomplishments just down the road from U of M as a member of the Detroit Lions.

“Just getting that opportunity to be in the NFL is uh you know a dream come true I’m just happy obviously that I’m here uh regardless of where I am but it’s a little extra special that I’m here (Detroit)” Rudock said addressing the media gathered at the Lions facility.

While it did surprise some the Lions would take a Quarterback in the 6th round of the NFL draft, Rudock showed his worth last season, and if he can pick up the Lions playbook as quickly as Jim Harbaugh’s, he could back up Matthew Stafford this coming season.

“I mean the NFL is a whole nother level, um you’re playing with some of the best football players in the world here, and there’s definitely a lot to keep learning” Rudock said eagerly.

If it’s one thing Rudock did learn about Lions fans during last week’s ‘Taste of the Lions’ event, it’s that deep down, they are either green or blue

“it seems like everybody was Michigan or Michigan State, they wouldn’t say if they went anywhere else” said the QB, recalling his interactions with Lions fans at the event.

As Rudock prepares for OTA’s, he doesn’t know what his NFL future holds, but he does know, there’s always more he can learn

“Just trying to go there and learn as much from uh Matt (Stafford) and Dan (Orlovsky) obviously they’re just ya know they know so much and they can obviously teach me a bunch, I’m just trying to learn from them and Coach Callahan and Coach Jim Bob