JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — A Michigan law firm compiled a list of Jackson County’s 10 most dangerous intersections, and two main areas of the county are well in the lead.

Four of the most dangerous intersections as listed by Michigan Auto Law are in the city of Jackson, and the other six are in Blackman Township–including the #1-ranked most dangerous intersection at Airport Road and I-94.

The list reflects the available car accident data from 2022. The intersections are ranked by the highest number of reported car crashes at each intersection in 2022.

At the most dangerous intersection, Airport Road and I-94 in Blackman Twp., 34 crashes were recorded in 2022. That’s a 42% increase from 2020 when there were 24 collisions at the intersection.

The most dangerous intersections in Jackson County in 2022, as compiled by Michigan Auto Law, are as follows:

  1. Airport Road at I-94, Blackman Twp., 34 total crashes, 6 injuries
  2. West Avenue at W. Ganson Street. Jackson, 27 total crashes, 6 injuries
  3. Airport Road at Boardman Road, Blackman Twp., 27 total crashes, 3 injuries
  4. Andrew Avenue at Boardman Road, Blackman Twp., 22 total crashes, 5 injuries
  5. West Avenue at W. North Street, Jackson, 19 total crashes, 3 injuries
  6. Airport Road at County Farm Road, Blackman Twp., 18 total crashes, 5 injuries
  7. Cooper Street at E. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, 18 total crashes, 3 injuries
  8. Michigan Avenue at Dettman Road, Blackman Twp., 17 total crashes, 6 injuries
  9. Airport Road at Meijer Drive, Blackman Twp., 17 total crashes, 3 injuries
  10. West Avenue at W. Michigan Avenue, Jackson, 17 total crashes, 2 injuries

“Even though a crash does not always result in a person being injured, it does increase substantially the likelihood of an injury occurring, so knowing which intersections have the most car accidents is important,” said Steven M. Gursten, attorney and president of Michigan Auto Law.

In the law firm’s annual list of the 20 most dangerous intersections in Michigan, the majority were in the Detroit metropolitan area.

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