LIVINGSTON CO, Mich. (WLNS) – Mark Morra and Lea Morello were part of the few volunteers that showed up to Chilson Hills Baptist Church.

It was the only homeless shelter of its kind in Livingston County.

The 30-bed shelter was run by a group called the Severe Weather Network.

Now, it’s closed down.

“Most people that’s all they wanted was a little way to get back on their feet… I don’t know where they can go from here,” said Morra.

Not enough funding. Not enough volunteers.

As we head into the winter, church officials are worried that some people won’t have to warm place to stay.

“The day after the non-profit closed, and they were cleaning up for the season I met a gentleman walking down the street that was looking for it,” said Pastor Angela Miller.

The closest available shelter? Nearly an hour away in East Lansing.

“It just proves that this is an essential need all of the time…We really took pride in being able to be a space of comfort for them, and we are sad that we can’t do that anymore,” said Miller.

Now, people who are homeless must use hotel vouchers, which are in limited supply.

Board members of the Severe Weather Network say the cost to pay workers is not supported in their budget, and the lack of volunteers is a direct impact of the pandemic.

Both Morra and Morello hope the community can join together to bring the vital resource back.

“It’s hard to imagine, it’s really hard to imagine what it would be like to be in that situation… It would be nice if we could coordinate that again, because we certainly have enough, enough people in this community that I think can help,” said Morra.