LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – An artist from Lansing is making her mark. She’s been honored with the opportunity to paint several murals around Michigan, including one at Michigan State University.

“I’m in public, like this is not my studio. I was so happy,” said artist Mila Lynn. “I do really like this piece ’cause it’s kind of like a cartoon but then also like my chicken scratch handwriting, it feels very me.”

Her art will be on display for the students at MSU and she’s only been painting for a few years.

“This just feels like another step in me finding myself and making more of a footprint.” She says with every sketch comes a message.

“One quote on the mural says “Within the cool nights, and the warm days, I will remember the suns kiss and plant seeds of myself for the world to remember me,” said Lynn. “And I like that because that’s what I kind of do.”

Especially when it comes to her most recent project.

“The mural behind me is one of two murals I was commissioned to do for the multicultural business program” says Lynn. “I’m really inspired by colors, and skin tones, and I wanted to be able to show diversity and unity in one piece. I wanted to play with like a level of depth visually but a level of depth also thinking about how we think about ourselves, and where we fit in the world.”

Last month in the heart of Grand Rapids she unveiled an even bigger mural, and now she wants to continue inspiring everyone one stroke at a time.

“I just want people to see what I do and feel like they can try at something” Lynn continues.

Mila Lynn’s mural can be found in the Multicultural Study Lounge inside the Eppley center on MSU’s campus.