Local doctor discusses impact of Syrian civil war

EAST LANSING (WLNS) – A civil war that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives…a war that hits home for East Lansing Medical Doctor Abdalmajid Katranji who calls Syria his home-land.

“You’re torn between great optimism and at the same time the pain of the great tragedy,” said Dr. Katranji.

Tragedy or not, Dr. Katranji is there for his country…traveling to Syria and delivering healthcare and medical relief for those who need it the most.

“As things evolved and this tragedy, this crisis began occurring the need for medical care and to provide medical care for people became not just necessary, it was urgent…it was immediate,” Dr. Katranji stated.

He says helping people who would otherwise be “cut off” is part of his culture and when the news of Syria’s cease-fire broke, it led him to reflect.

“I think the cease fire is going to be reinforced I think for a longer period of time than we’ve seen in the past,” said Dr. Katranji.

He hopes people will eventually set differences aside.

“There have been some horrific things that have occurred that certain people need to be able to go beyond and build a better future for themselves and that’s going to require a lot of us around the world to volunteer not just money, but our time and effort and our expertise,” Dr. Katranji insisted.

And although you can’t take back time, the doctor still believes…there’s hope for his country.

“It’s important to me that I believe that we, the United States take the leadership because we are the global leader for democracy,” said Dr. Katranji.

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