Local firefighters attract thousands with foodie videos

Officials at the Lansing Fire Department are proving there’s more to their job than just saving lives.

These fire-fighters are feeling the heat in a different kind of way and it’s drawing in a big crowd online.

“Today we’re making steak with baked potatoes, I have green beans with bacon,” says Lansing Firefighter, Robert Casler.

Casler is not your ordinary firefighter.

On top of responding to burning buildings and 911 calls, he also answers to the 13 hungry first responders at Lansing’s Fire Station 1 who rely on his food to get them through the day.

“The portion size is drastically different than cooking at home,” jokes Casler.

It’s a part of the job Casler says many people don’t realize firefighters do.

And something that’s getting a lot of attention online.

“I just figured a few of the residents would check it out on Facebook and it’s just kind of blown up from there,” says Casler.

The Lansing Fire Department started a web series called “Fire Foodie” giving residents an inside look at LFD’s kitchen.

Anyone can log on, and watch quick videos to find out how to make things like Cajun Alfredo Pasta and Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf.

Meals that are getting thousands of views, leaving community members asking for more.

“It’s nice for the people who are lucky and don’t have to call 911, they get to see a little part of what we do too,” says Casler.

Casler says many of the recipes come from traditional meals at home.

Turning a few quick videos into a way for residents to interact with their local heroes in a positive way.

But for these firefighters, it’s about more than just a meal.

“You build a relationship with the guys you work with and that carries on into the fire scene,” says Lansing Firefighter, Chris Morris.

They say, it’s about learning to take care of one another.

Because you know what they say, if you can’t take the heat… get out of the kitchen.

“There’s a lot of laughter in this kitchen that’s for sure,” says Morris.

Casler says, when it’s his turn to cook and that siren does go off, he drops what he’s doing and someone else takes over to finish the meal in his place.

Click here for a link to the Lansing Fire Department’s Facebook page.

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