Local gun shop speaks on gun sales in light of Virginia shooting


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In light of the shooting in Virginia, 6 News decided to check in with a local gun shop to see if sales shot up.

The local gun shop employee says sales have neither increased or decreased after yesterday’s tragic shooting…in fact, he says firearm sales most of the time go hand in hand with the political climate.

“If it’s democrat or republican or pro-gun or anti-gun,” said Brian Laskowsky; Employee at Moose Creek Gun Shop on Lansing’s Southside.

Laskowsky who’s also a former police officer, says firearm sales have generally remained steady despite the nightmare that unfolded yesterday in  Virginia.

“With President Obama when things like that would happen, the gun sales would spike because everyone was afraid that he was going to take away their 2nd amendment rights…with President Trump in, it’s a different story,” Laskowsky stated.

Laskowsky says so far taking away gun ownership rights isn’t on President Donald Trump’s agenda.

He goes on to say gun owners feel confident in knowing their rights aren’t going anywhere…for now.

“Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton made it clear that they didn’t like the American people having their guns or having their 2nd amendment rights…President Trump has not made that clear, he seems to be more pro 2nd amendment,” said Laskowsky.

Laskowsky says he believes in 2nd amendment gun ownership rights and gun control but yesterday’s attack on members of Congress left him stunned.

“Seeing these people who lawfully own guns and do something like this makes me kind of angry,” Laskowsky added.

To Laskowsky it’s all about maintaining safety and he says if gun owners continue to use their weapons in an unlawful manner, he believes there could be additional restrictions introduced.

“Keep being responsible I mean you know use some common sense…don’t bring that weapon out for any reason except life or death,” said Laskowsky.

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