LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A group of 17 businesses in downtown Lansing recently received up to $50,000 in funding thanks to the second round of Small Business Support Grants.

The funding comes from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the City of Lansing.

Officials from Downtown Lansing Inc. said the funding will help “create resiliency and vibrancy to our downtown business district while lifting up local businesses during this time of transition in Downtown Lansing.”

In an effort to try and help diverse downtown Lansing businesses, the group said it has made a goal for 40% of grants to go to women or ethnic-owned businesses. 

“Not only is a diverse downtown business mix critical to the strength and health of our downtown, but at Downtown Lansing Inc. we work tirelessly to make sure we’re lifting up the people and places who call downtown home. Being able to offer these grant funds to our Downtown businesses helps see them through this time of transformation in Downtown Lansing.” states Cathleen Edgerly, Executive Director of Downtown Lansing Inc.

Here is a list of the businesses who received the recent grants:

• American Fifth Spirits

• Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

• The Lansing Art Gallery

• Linn & Owen Jewelers

• La Cocina Cubana

• Midtown Brewing Company

• New Daily Bagel

• Neva Lee’s

• Sahara Delight

• Sparrow Bloom

• State of Fitness

• Summit Comics & Games

• Sultan’s Express

• Sweet Encounter Bakery

• Sylvia’s Sudsery

• UnoDeuce Multimedia

• Veg Head