LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Two officers with the Lansing Police Department are out of the hospital after they were exposed to an “unknown white substance.”

The Lansing Police Department said Sunday two officers were given NARCAN after they started suffering from overdose symptoms when they had separate interactions with a white substance.

Sparrow health expert Brett Reich said that potential exposure to drugs is more than just a needle stick.

“Transdermal or transmission of the drug through just physical touch is a possibility as well as possible inhalation injury or inhalation exposure,” said Reich. “If the powder or the dust or unknown substance is made aerosolized into the environment.”

Reich also added that Sparrow hardly sees cases of first responders being exposed to substances, with only around six cases per year.

The first officer involved was transporting a person on a warrant and during a search, they discovered an unknown white substance on them. After the officer took the substance into the car, they started to feel symptoms of an overdose, were given NARCAN and taken to the hospital.

The second officer who was taken to the hospital searched a backpack of the accused man with gloves and goggles. When they were driving later on, they started not feeling very well and pulled over.

They were also given NARCAN and taken to the hospital.

At this time that is all the information we have on this incident. 6 News is speaking to an expert on this topic and will have more later this evening.