LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – A 7-year old Lansing girl named Mackenzie Smith, also known as “Kenzie” has published her first book- “My New Normal” about her life during the pandemic.

Hand washing and mask-wearing are two of the biggest things the now 7-year-old of Lansing highlights in her book, alongside how everything changed.

“The book is mostly about how Coronavirus started to change my life. And just how I want people to stay safe and follow the rules,” said Smith.

When things began shutting down and health mandates from Gov. Whitmer rolled out, like many children, she didn’t understand why or the importance of it.

“We have to follow the rules and we have to all stay safe and healthy,” said Smith.

Her parents explained the importance of the governor’s health mandates and COVID-19, or as Kenzie calls them “Big Gretch’s Rules.” Shortly after learning, she wanted to share that knowledge and her experience with everyone.

“I feel like it was a team effort. It was just Mackenzie spilling her mind out and about how she was feeling when it came to the virus,” said Martel Smith, Kenzie’s father.

Written through the eyes of Kenzie she talks about everything from Zoom class to graduating from Kindergarten during a pandemic. However, when things do go back to normal, she does have plans.

“I wanna go back to school everyday! Even on the weeeknds! I cant wait to see all my friends! But no matter the place, my friends are always close to my heart,” said Smith.

As for now, she only has plans to follow the rules and keep everyone around her safe and healthy.