LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Today in Reo Town, one store owner decided to bring New Orleans to Lansing.

Voodoo’s World of Oddtiques hosted a Mardi Gras celebration with free cupcakes and beads. Co-owner Baron Johny Ross said the event was a perfect fit because both Voodoo and Mardi Gras, come from New Orleans.

“We’re just bringing a touch of New Orleans here to spice things up and give people in Lansing, a little thing fun to do, while they’re out shopping in Reo Town today,” Ross said.

Janette Jones said she heard about the celebration and decided to check it out with her coworkers.

“They got a lot of cool stuff, I got some good finds already, some odd things,” Jones said.

For Ross, odd things are a staple in his store.

“It’s a little bit spooky to some people, but it’s metaphysical type items, just oddball items,” he said.

The oddness brought in more than a dozen people for the event, who said that they enjoyed the items found in the store.

“Super cool medical equipment, things that are super old, I just love that. I love it. I like the kind of creepy vibe,” Diendra Careathers said.

She also said that she enjoys events like this because they help unite the community.

“I think it’s great because it’s just adding more to our culture and everything we have here in Lansing, especially in Reo Town,” Careathers said.