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MARQUETTE, Mich (WJMN) – You may have seen this duo in Downtown Marquette, where all eyes are constantly on Spot. This pup isn’t your ordinary dog and its tricks expand beyond those of sit, stay and rollover.

“It is the first autonomous robotic solution available in the commercial market space today.” Kipp Ivey the applications business development manager and owner of Spot said.

Equipped with scanning technology, Spot can capture, measure, interact and share data from the surroundings.

“When you look at the images of Spot you’ll see what looks like a series of vertical lines, those are sensors,” Ivey said. “Those sensors, there is two sets, actually three sets one set of the ocular set that allows me to physically see what Spot sees the other are forgot perception collision avoidance. So spot can see stairs. He can see obstacles 14 inches of smaller something that it can be walked over.”

Boston Dynamics, the company in charge of creating Spot were meticulously and with purpose.

“It’s meant to, number one, the soft target,” Ivey said. “At least I call it a soft target is its ability to mitigate the human interaction with environments where we’re gonna have to put somebody in harm’s way. Right, do what it needs to do. It’s cheaper to lose a robot than it is to lose a human life, right. The next thing is to eliminate mundane processes. Processes that everybody has to do over and over and over again, but cost money.”

Oil rigs, mining tunnels, and crime scenes are just the tip of the nose of places that Spot’s skills have been put to use.

“Spot right now is being used in various applications around the globe,” Ivey said. “Anything from, for example, there’s a recent SpaceX crash. I’ve been doing a lot of interactions recently with companies that are working in the world of nuclear decommissioning, so they want to use Spot to collect the data, bring it back that way we don’t have to put anybody in harm’s way. Spot’s also used in crowd control. There was a hospital actually during in Boston that actually used it for triage for COVID patients.”

Ivey can navigate Spot’s movements through what looks like your standard gaming controller.

“So what you’re looking at here there’s basically two modes of operation first operation is using this, this is going on the controller, it’s an Android controller,” Ivey said. “I simply just by pushing forward spot will walk forwards will seem to kind of go over my shoulder maybe potentially but backwards, right, left and right, and I can see what he sees.”

Ivey says he loves that people love and are just as interested in Spot as he is.

“If you ever see us, stop and say hi. He’s happy and he doesn’t bite. Promise.”

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