HOLT, Mich. (WLNS) — Police are still searching for two people who were caught on camera breaking into Holt Lutheran School on Saturday morning.

The two took off just before deputies arrived. Luckily, they didn’t get away with much.

School administrators called the heist odd.

“They went straight to the office, so it seemed like they had a mission and they wanted to complete it,” said Holt Lutheran School principal Chelsea Speers.

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the two suspects shown below.

One with a mask, and one you can see clearly thanks to security cameras.

They broke into the school on Saturday around 2 a.m. through the boiler room.

The suspects went straight to the principal’s office and broke in using a screwdriver.

After several minutes of rummaging through supplies, the men could be seen running out of the office with a variety of items, like scratch-off tickets.

“People bought scratch-off tickets for Christmas gifts, and all of those were taken,” said Speers. “They took student medication, they took a couple of Amazon packages that actually were pretty much worthless, they just had extra straps for strollers, so they’re not gonna be happy about that. And our popcorn tickets which is how the kids pay for popcorn each week. Just weird things.”

The thieves ran back through the boiler room when they heard the alarm.

Principal Speers is thankful that all that needs replacing is a few doors, filing cabinets, and some of the students’ medication.

“We don’t keep money around. Kids obviously do pay tuition, but that all goes to the bank the same day,” continued Speers.   

But even so, Speers and her colleagues still wish them the best.

“We are praying for them, and hope that they’re able to amend their ways and hopefully change their lifestyles, and be productive members of our community,” said Speers.

If you recognize the two people in the video, call the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department’s Delhi Division at 517-676-8202.