LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Multiple advocacy groups have claimed victory on Proposal 2, an amendment to Michigan’s Constitution that allows voters to sign an affidavit as an alternative to showing photo ID.

As of 2 a.m. ‘yes’ was leading 57.8% to 42.3%.

For pollsters, Proposal 2’s victory was to be expected.

A poll of 600 voters from EPIC-MRA projected that Proposal 2 would receive 68% of the vote.

Officials with the group Secure MI Vote opposed Proposal 2.

“With so many people questioning our results from both sides, we shouldn’t make it even more possible for more questions to be asked,” said Jeff Litten, Executive Director of Secure MI Vote.

Meanwhile, the group Promote the Vote supported Proposal 2.

“Your signature is verified twice. So, when you apply for your application, you have to put your signature there. The city and township clerks will view that signature. If it does not match the signature on file, then your application is rejected,” said Michael Davis, Executive Director of Promote the Vote.

Proposal 2 will also create state-funded absentee ballot dropoff boxes, require nine days of early in-person voting, and more.