HARTLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLNS) — Animal Control deputies have rescued four dogs and are in the process of trying to save 10 cats from a hoarding situation in Livingston County.

It started last Thursday when deputies from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in Hartland Township about several dogs that were heard barking but never seen outside.

When the deputies showed up, the house was in really rough shape and trash was completely covering the floor.

Animal Control deputies working to save pets from hoarder house (Courtesy Livingston County Sheriff’s Office)

The people living in the home are now getting help from the Livingston County Home Health & Safety Coalition, officials said.

The four dogs in the house have been saved and deputies are still working to capture the 10 cats that live in the home.

All the animals who were inside the home have been or will be taken to Livingston County Animal Shelter for care.

The sheriff’s office took the opportunity to remind people about resources available to people who struggle with hoarding behaviors. That information can be found below.