Annual ‘Take Back the Night’ event at Michigan State

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People of all ages gathered from around the state for the annual ‘Take Back the Night’ event on Michigan State’s campus.

The event consisted of multiple activities through the day, including a march through campus, to help spread awareness of sexual and domestic violence.

Cassie Glover was in that crowd that marched across campus and also a sexual violence survivor herself. She works at Lacasa in Livingston county that advocates for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

“I felt like it was important for me to stand amongst fellow survivors and show my support for them,” said Glover.

‘Take Back the Night’ let survivors talk about their stories in a “Speak Out” session, where Glover says she was overwhelmed with emotion.

“I am going to take away a lot of power from today, I feel empowered from hearing different stories, I know that I’m not alone,”

Michigan State sophomore Kiersten Walsworth is a volunteer for Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team at Michigan State, was on the planning committee for ‘Take Back the Night’ and also a sexual violence survivor, she says she feels empowered by the people who spoke out at the event today.

“The opportunity to take back your power when it was taken from you is so important and so powerful and getting to share that with all these people is just amazing,” said Walsworth.

For Glover, this is her second year at ‘Take Back the Night’ and says the turnout is getting bigger, the support is getting bigger and the bond between her and other survivors is stronger than ever.

“To me this shows love for each other, I think that’s how we make great change, is by supporting and loving each other…this is how a victim becomes a survivor,” said Glover.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual or domestic violence, you can call the 24 hour Michigan Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-855-VOICES4.

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