Auto shop closes with customers vehicles trapped inside

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LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) — People are left wondering when they will get their cars back after taking them to an auto body shop that closed its doors.

Conrad Morrison said, “I’ve been here for seven weeks.”

“Seven weeks for me too or more,” said Douglas Scott.

Customers told 6 News they dropped their vehicles at the Maaco off of S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and they aren’t sure when the owner will be back to re-open the shop.

“I know body work to be done right you can’t rush the person to do that if you want a good job,” said Scott.

They are wondering when they’ll see their vehicles again after a note was left on the door that said, “Due to medical emergency closed Monday December 2,” but the shop never opened.

“There ain’t nothing been open and nothing or nobody called us to tell us that it’s something wrong or he passed away or is he really sick or nothing. I just hope my vehicle’s still in there.”

That’s not the only note on the door.

“One sign on the door, their question, where’s their ford 150, it’s a birthday gift. Well, they’re not gonna get it.”

Both men have already paid half, which is more than $600 dollars, for the work to start.

Scott said, “It was $1,281 and some change,” for the owner to fix his car.

They haven’t heard back from the owner of this Maaco and Morrison tried calling Lansing police for help.

“The guy told me there’s really nothing they can do because this is a private business,” Morrison said.

“So I just have to pray to the good man that it’s nothing went down foul and he really is sick or something really happened to the man,” said Scott. “I don’t like to falsely accuse anyone of anything that I don’t know of.”

“We can’t get to them whether we want to wait, to see if their gonna come back and do the work or take it some place else,” Morrison said. “That choice has been taken away from us.”

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