Breaking down the “move over law”, how it can save lives

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A local man is in the hospital, after he was hit by a car while changing a tire on the side on the road in Ionia County.

This incident is just the latest to have some people question if the state’s move over law is enough.

Michigan Law states that any motorist approaching a vehicle with flashing lights, whether it is Fire, EMS, Police or even a tow truck.

Drivers must slow down at least 10 miles less than the posted speed limit and move over to the next lane if possible.

As of right now, there is no law for when a driver is stranded on the side of the road.

“For safety and common courtesy, whenever you see a stranded driver out on the side of the road or someone who is in some type of distress or changing a tire. It makes common sense to make sure you slow down as much as you can or move over to the next lane; that way tragedies can be prevented.”

If motorist do need to pull over for any reason there are some rules to keep in mind.

“Motorists should have their flashers on, if they have a tow truck in route to tow them; stay within your vehicle and keep your seatbelt on. When you pullover, if your vehicle quits running on you, pullover as far away from traffic as possible.”

State Police encourages drivers to give people space when they are trying to move over.

Allow motorists in your lane, even if it means slowing down.

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