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Burn bans in effect for several mid-Michigan communities

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) - This dry weather doesn't just affect your lawn, it also means plants in general are drying out.

That's why several mid-Michigan communities have banned open burning to lower the risk of wildfires.

They include the city of St. Johns and townships like Delhi, Alaiedon, DeWitt, Bingham, Green Bush, and the eastern part of Bengal Township.

That means no open fires, or even fireworks, in those areas.

More burn bans were announced for Williamston, Wheatfield, Locke, and Leroy townships.

You can call your local fire department to see if your area is under a burn ban.

Fire officials are urging everyone in these areas to take this burn ban seriously to prevent anything dangerous from happening.

John Kochensparger, the Assistant Fire Chief for the St. Johns Fire Department, says it's crucial for people to stop outside burning activities, including bonfires and lighting fireworks, while these local burn bans are in effect.

“It's very important that people, you know, use common sense and not do any outside burning,” said Kochensparger.

Kochensparger says if not, something dangerous will happen.

“You can start an out of control fire; you can actually burn your house or barn down,” Kochensparger.

That's something that Delhi Township resident Gilbert White is afraid of, with his house being right next to a grassy area.

“I have pets in the house and if something happens and I can't get my babies out of the house, you know, I don't want nothing to happen to them,” said White.

Delhi Township Fire Chief Brian Ball says it's a team in effort in determining when a burn ban is actually issued and he wouldn't implement one if he didn't think it was a big deal.

“I really dislike having to put a burn restriction, burn ban in place but once I do it is strictly for the safety of the citizens,” said Ball.

Officials say this ban will be in effect until further notice and they're expecting to last at least the next couple of days.


UPDATE: An open burning ban is now in effect for Delhi Charter Township and Alaiedon Township in Ingham County. 

Effective immediately and until further notice, an open burning ban has been implemented in Meridian Township and in Grand Ledge.

The city of Leslie and Leslie Township have also declared an open burning ban until further notice.


ORIGINAL STORY: High temperatures and the lack of rain in mid-Michigan has increased the risk of fires.

Several communities, including DeWitt Charter Township, St. Johns, Bingham Township, Green Bush Township-and the east half of Bengal Township, have issued burn bans prohibiting residents from open burning or any use of fire works.

With rain chances low over the next few days more mid-Michigan cities could issue bans of their own.

If you are not sure if your area is under a burn ban contact your local fire department.


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