LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The first day of school has started for some, and is on the horizon for others.

While one would think that drivers on the road would slow down and stop when they notice a big yellow school bus with flashing lights, some school bus drivers say that’s not always the case. 

Dean Transportation offers bussing for Lansing, East Lansing, Webberville, and Dansville districts, just to name a few. That adds up to a lot of students.

A school bus driver with Dean, Victoria Hopkins-Speicher, tells 6 News she’s determined to keep each one safe. 

“So, I started as an attendant my first year, and then the last two years I’ve been driving a bus,” Hopkins-Speicher said.

In those two years, she said she’s encountered some pretty oblivious drivers.

According to Hopkins-Speicher, a good amount tend to forget that she’s operating a big heavy vehicle and cut her off. 

“And the other thing that I’ve experienced personally, unfortunately, more than I would like to have ever experience is people running my stop signs,” Hopkins-Speicher said. “So, when I’m doing student stops, I’ve definitely had way too many people just go around the bus or ignore the stop signs entirely.” 

Whether it be distracted driving or just being in too much of a rush, it’s something she said is pretty common depending on the area. And some would even do it repeatedly.

“I was driving in Eaton Rapids last year, on M-50 between Charlotte and Eaton Rapids, there was a guy that would do it like once a week. So, it was pretty bad and eventually, the police came out and looked for him, so he stopped doing it after that,” she said. 

Situations like these remind her why it’s imperative that she’s always on her toes and why her kids need to be, too.

“Unfortunately, that does happen pretty frequently, people will just not pay any attention, they’re distracted, looking at cell phones, different things, and then they just keep going so we have to kind of think for them and make sure that we’re keeping the kids safe,” Hopkins-Speicher said. 

With schools either currently in session, or starting soon, Hopkins-Speicher is reminding drivers, and students, to stay aware. 

“If you see lights, slow down, stop, watch for kids,” Hopkins-Speicher said. “Kids move fast, that’s one of the things. And for the kids, make sure you’re paying attention and listening to your bus driver because that’s going to keep you safe.” 

When a school bus does have flashing red lights on, drivers heading in both directions are required to come to a stop, at least 20 feet away from the bus, and wait for those red lights to turn off before continuing.