LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Megabus has moved to the Midwest in a partnership with the Indian Trails bus line, giving Michiganders more traveling options.

This partnership will provide more bus service opportunities for 90 cities in Michigan, and will offer 20 more cities to book — to and from Lansing.

Colin Emberson, a spokesperson for Megabus, said this announcement is all about making tickets easier to buy, and in the future, it will be about where else the company can take travelers.

“I think what changes now is — it’s another channel, so someone that might not be familiar with one or the other, it’s now available in two places. In the future, it’s the idea of saying someone can go into Detroit and be able to continue onto somewhere like Toronto,” Emberson said.

Combining these routes expands the places that people can go, with new opportunities to book travel seamlessly and combine travelers from both platforms.

With warmer weather coming up, Emberson said more people will be traveling.

“We certainly see year-in and year-out, as we get out of February-March and Spring Break happens, then all of a sudden it’s Easter, then it’s Memorial Day, and then it’s full on summer travel. We’re really excited to get this going,” Emberson said.

Emberson said Megabus is a great option for traveling due to its environmentally-friendly aspects, and the fact that riders can rest, watch a movie, or entertain their kids.

Trips can be booked be booked with Megabus in Michigan beginning on April 1.