LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Many people are surprised to learn that the Frandor shopping center is getting rid of a CATA bus stop, and the decision is stirring up controversy.

The real estate agent who manages Frandor says he’s removing the stop over safety concerns.

Patrick Corr, the manager of Frandor says homeless people and public intoxication have lead to a host of problems.

But for many riders, this is going to create a huge inconvenience, and they are not happy.

“They tear this down, they’re gonna mess up a lot of people’s lives and that ain’t right,” said rider Steven Morrison.

Everyone we spoke with seemed to agree that getting rid of this is a bad idea.

This bus stop at the Frandor Shopping Center will be gone in three weeks.

“I probably ride this route and catch this bus stop probably five to ten times a day, and that’s just me,” continued Morrison. “You’ll be puttin’ a financial whoopin’ on these companies, and we just now starting to bounce back from COVID-19.”

According to CATA, the Frandor bus stop sees at least 250 people each day.

Brittany Manning has been using it for two years, and she’s not sure what to do now.

“It’d be crazy because, like literally, I use this bus stop for everything,” said Manning. “Like for my bank, I use it to go grocery shopping.”

For Frandor manager Patrick Corr, he said that when it comes to public intoxication, homeless people panhandling, public urination, and other incidents- Lansing Police are not removing violators.

Corr even called it a safe haven for the homeless, and in the past year, police have been called more than 150 times.

In a statement, CATA said that “It is deeply disappointed by Mr. Corr’s demand to remove the bus stop.”

CATA also expressed concern for riders who are elderly and disabled.

Many in the community don’t want a part of their livelihood to be gone, but now they will just have to re-route.

“This bus stop has been awesome and great to me,” said Manning. “It’s been the best bus stop ever.”

The stop on Clipper St. will remain, but it’s around a 200-foot walk from the shelter.

The last day to use the Frandor bus stop is October 16th.