LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the community gathered Tuesday morning in front of the capitol to spread awareness.

It was an event filled with personal stories and positive outlooks. The theme was “Building Together: Prevention in Partnership.”

Officials said that stopping child abuse is a collaborative effort, and events like the rally are meant to not-only spread the word, but celebrate progress.

Suzanne Greenberg talks with 6 News about Children’s Trust Michigan.

“Prevention is possible, and children deserve that safe, happy, and healthy childhood,” said Suzanne Greenberg.

Greenberg works with Children Trust Michigan, an organization whose primary goal is to prevent any child from becoming another statistic of abuse.

The month of April has been filled with events to strengthen families, and educate the public about child abuse prevention strategies and services.

“We are going to be honoring the fact that child abuse prevention is possible, and that we have 100 partners across all 83 counties that are working in their communities with children and families because preventing child abuse is possible and is happening,” Greenberg said.

Parents had the chance to share their personal experiences at a podium, followed by comments from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, and Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Dana Nessel speaks at Tuesday’s child abuse prevention rally.

“There should be no limit to the work that we do to try to uncover the abuse, and when we do, to try to heal those who have suffered,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Organizers said the blue and white pinwheels in everyone’s hands symbolize the innocence of childhood, and if you drive by the Capitol, you’ll see a garden of them.

A rally attendee places a blue and white pinwheel in the Michigan Capitol’s yard.

“Some of the programs I was able to take advantage of in the last five years with my son helped us a tremendous amount when we need to fill in some of those gaps,” said parent speaker Erick Hamilton. “If other people don’t know we can help try to guide them to that place.”