CLINTON COUNTY, Mich. (WLNS) – Prosecutors dismissed an alleged child abuse case that has been in court for two years.

The story goes back to Oct. of 2021, when police arrested Jerry and Tamal Flore for an alleged child abuse case that happened near DeWitt Township.

The couple was originally facing five counts of child abuse and were held without bond.

Attorneys for the couple said they were on their way to a hearing last Friday, when they were notified that the case had been dismissed.

The initial charges included first and second-degree child abuse, claiming the Flores’ caused serious mental and physical harm to a child.

Prosecutors claimed they had thrown a child down a flight of stairs and had beaten a child with a boat oar.

Court records show the two first-degree charges were later reduced to second-degree.

The Flores said they were stunned to hear the update on their case.

“It’s surreal, we are elated obviously that we do not have to go to a jury trial,” said Jerry Flore.

Tamal Flore called it an “emotional roller coaster.”

“As you can imagine and we were beside ourselves and like he said, we were in a little bit of shock initially,” said she said.

“We remember reading the first reports when we got them and said these are not our children’s words. We knew that,” said Tamal.

Attorney David Kallman said the Clinton County prosecutor’s office did not provide all materials requested by the defense during the early stages of the case.

Kallman said the charges were vague, like the claim a child was hurt physically and mentally,

Attorney David Carter said defendants should know the specific facts backing up a charge like that.

“We didn’t have that here. It was very hard for us to try and determine what are you saying our clients actually did,” said Carter.

Kallman said the boat oar claim was false and called the claim that a child was thrown down a flight of stairs “a joke.”

“A child was in a bunk bed and there are a couple of steps, I don’t want to go into the details because we don’t want to hurt the children here but in other words, a child was pulled out of another child’s bed down to the floor. That was the throwing down a flight of stairs. A couple of steps that you do to get up and down it. Do you see how stupid that is? Do you see how silly that is?” said Kallman.

Prosecutor Tony Spagnuolo said he could not comment on specifics, but said the investigation is ongoing.