LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Lansing Pride officials said they’re changing around their original meeting agenda Monday to discuss the deadly mass shooting in Colorado Springs, CO.

The shooting that occurred at Club Q left five people dead and 25 others injured.

The Board President of Lansing Pride Ben Dowd said this puts a reality check on where we are as a society today.

Even though the situation happened halfway across the country, for Dowd, this hits too close to home.

“I think we oftentimes just get a sense of comfort when we’re out and about doing things,” Dowd said. “It was a reality check that not every space, even if it’s identified as a queer space, can necessarily be safe for all.”

Dowd said these types of scenarios don’t often cross the minds of those who visit welcoming and accepting locations.

“And I think, myself included, frequent locations all of the time, and you just never stop to think what could happen,” he said.  

The last-minute change to Lansing Pride’s meeting agenda includes their reaction to the incident.

“We recognize that it’s important to not only identify things that have happened but to make a strong statement to our city on our expectations of security and where we stand on these things,” continued Dowd. “So, our board will be drafting a statement tonight, a public statement to make sure that we are recognizing what happened and that it is known within the community on where we stand.”

Dowd said that even though LGBTQ+ rights have come a long way over the years, tragedies like the event in Colorado Springs show us there’s still a long way to go.