BROOKLYN, Mich. (WLNS) — A Columbia Central basketball coach will continue working after being cleared of multiple accusations of physical and mental abuse of his players.

According to MLive, the Columbia School District Superintendent Pamela Campbell said that it was determined that Coach Troy Stewart did not mentally or physically abuse any of his players at the district’s school board meeting on Monday.

Campbell says that the review of Stewart’s behavior was based on two questions:

  • Did Stewart physically or mentally abuse any of the basketball players?
  • If so, what are the consequences?

Basketball players were interviewed by Campbell, the school’s Assistant Principal and the Athletic Director Josh Kubiak.

Stewart is in his third year as coach of the Golden Eagles. 6 News spoke with one of his former assistant coaches who left because of what he called ‘fundamental differences.’

“The one that happened this year that everybody witnessed, it was during a game,” said Dustin Pewsey, whose son was a junior on the team this season. “His son got pulled out of the game, the coach said ‘no go to the locker room,’ his son said ‘no, I’m not going to the locker room’ and his coach shoved him toward the locker room.”

Many accounts of the above incident have been described differently, with others saying that there was “nothing there” regarding Stewart’s conduct towards his son.

Pewsey coached alongside Stewart last year and says he saw another incident in practice.

“I saw the coach throw a ball at his son’s back as hard as he could,” Pewsey said.

6 News spoke with Stewart by phone, who said he guided his son to the locker room in the game earlier this season.

As for the situation in practice, Stewart says he did throw a ball, but his son accidentally stepped in the way.

Though no evidence of abuse was found, the interview team determined that Stewart could improve in a few areas regarding his coaching, specifically in regards to his communication.

Stewart says he looks forward to improving his coaching.