Community Facebook page in Shiawassee County is causing controversy. The sheriff looks to press charges

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A community Facebook page in Shiawassee County has captured the attention of Police.

“They spread outright blatant lies and its wrong,” says Shiawassee County sheriff Brian Begole.

The sheriff says the page was meant for entertainment but turned hostile.

The person/people who run the site listen to police scanners and post people’s personal information.

“There is people who call 911 and if they need police or an ambulance they’ll plead with the dispatcher, please don’t put my address over the air I don’t want this social media site to have it.”

The site is also targeting the Police department. The Sheriff says the page will post false information about him and his staff. As a result, he says members of his department are being stalked and have even received death threats.

“They tell you it’s an entertainment site, but what they are doing is borderline harassment and it’s illegal.”

It’s legal to post opinions online, but the sheriff says posting blatant lies to harass or intimidate someone is crossing a line. He says he is looking to take legal action and will consult with a County Prosecutor.

“As the sheriff of this county, if I can prevent it and stop it, I certainly will.”

We reached out to the people who run the community account multiple times, but they declined to comment.

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