LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Members of the True North Community Church were stunned to see their church having been broken into on Thursday night.

“The one officer, he was quite taken by it, he said, “Ya know I thought a church was sacred,” said Pastor Gary Schnepp.

The robbers took computers, tools and sound equipment from the church, leaving behind scattered papers, fire extinguisher powder and empty cases.

Pastor Schnepp would like to extend forgiveness to the robbers.

“To the people who did this, we forgive you,” continued Schnepp. “If you would care to come back and apologize, our arms are wide open.”

Church leaders thanked their community for the support.

“This is family,” said Schnepp. “We may not be perfect but we try our best to love each other, to journey with each other.”

The community has even come together to donate to a GoFundMe for the church. So far, the church has raised $800 of its $10,000 goal.

“Just overall, I’m just overjoyed with the response of this community and our neighborhood,” said Schnepp.

With music, laughter and love, church leaders say this robbery has only made the church stronger.

“As we try to restore the building and restore our community, we will come back better than what we were previously,” said Assistant Worship Director Stephen Hammes.