LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – There are predictions that female voters will determine who will be Michigan’s next governor and the two women running for governor have two different strategies on how to get that voting block.

Here’s the problem for GOP challenger Tudor Dixon. Whitmer has a 32-point lead with the all-important independent female voters and the governor is using the abortion issue to cement that lead.

Dixon, if the polling data is correct, is out of step on the abortion issue with the majority of Michigan voters, which is why she wants to change the conversion to attract more female voters.

Last week she used a crime-fighting message and with moms standing behind her, she is now telling other moms:

“Radical political activists believe that our schools are laboratories for their social experiments and our children are their lab rats,” Dixon said.

Dixon objects to allowing children who were assigned male at birth to join a female sports team and go into their locker rooms. “I will protect women’s sports,” she pledges.

She opposes gender-neutral bathrooms. She does not want puberty blockers given to kids behind their parents’ backs. She accuses the state school superintendent of permitting students and teachers to ignore parents in a discussion of these gender issues.

State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice says he will not resign but continue to work with parents and students.

The governor has also called for a review of an LGBTQ training video and the Democratic party argues state law leaves sex education issues to local schools and parents have the right to take their children out of these classes, and it contends the governor supports parental involvement.