LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Mid-Michigan woke up to slick roads Wednesday morning after a light snowfall.

The National Weather Service is predicting Michigan to have a snowier than average winter this year.

However, officials from the city of Lansing and Ingham County say they’re prepared with supplies.

“At this point, all of our salt domes and salt sheds are all full and we are ready for any snow event that we get,” said Kelly Jones, Managing Director with the Ingham County Road Department.

Ingham County has 50 plow trucks available for use on county roads, similar to Lansing which is also stocked up with 50.

Trucks will cover hundreds of miles worth of Mid-Michigan highways and major roadways.

The City of Lansing says they’re prepared even before a winter storm hits.

“Generally we will call people in advance of the storm so we can salt before the snow starts coming down,” said Andy Kilpatrick, Director of Public Service for the City of Lansing.

Lansing and Ingham County are also fully stocked up with salt this year.

“We’re in good shape, so we have an annual amount that we have to take and right now we are sitting pretty good with salt,” Kilpatrick said.

Last year Lansing used almost 7,500 tons while Ingham County used 16,000 tons. While supply isn’t a concern, officials say storage can become an issue.

“Sometimes we do get pretty low before we get that next shipment because we only have so much storage capacity, but in general if we are getting low, we will borrow from other agencies, MDOT or other counties.”

Andy Kilpatrick, Director of Public Service for the City of Lansing

Neither Lansing nor Ingham County is worried about running out of staff or supplies for this projected snowy winter season.