LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — An official tells 6 News one person was killed in a fire at a home on the 500 block of Rulison St. in Lansing Monday morning.

Multiple crews responded to the fire around 8:35 a.m.

The house was fully engulfed in flames earlier Monday morning but has since been suppressed by the Lansing fire department. 

Smoke was billowing from the house and could be seen from the highway nearby.

According to neighbor Amy Stewart, “there were flames shooting everywhere.”

Neighbors even were using some of the tools available that were available to them and went to the rescue.

“I noticed the woman up on her porch roof, so I grabbed the ladder got it as close as I could, got up there asked her please come with me, and she kept pleading that her son was inside,” continued Stewart.

And after hearing the news, some of them tried to find a way in, but according to neighbor Chelsea Speir, there was too much black smoke.

“We made a very aggressive attack we could not get into the structure because of the heavy fire conditions,” said Assistant Fire Chief for LFD Mike Tobin. “We have transported two to the hospital that has self-evacuated and sadly there is one deceased in the fire.”

Now the fire department will sift through the rubble to find out what caused the fire.

While crews were able to get a few of the residents in ambulances, one person was not able to escape and crews have not yet recovered the body. 

Fire crews say they made an aggressive attack but were unable to get inside the structure due to the fire’s severity.

6 News crews saw the two residents being escorted by EMTs and they have since been transferred to a hospital.

Lansing Assistant Fire Chief Mike Tobin says they do not know the cause of the fire yet, and the investigation could take some time.

“We have to find the cause and origin of the fire but we also have to make sure that when that is done that the structure is in a safe condition,” Tobin said.

Fire crews are still in the breakdown process, and Tobin says the road will remain closed and investigators will be on the scene for the majority of the day.

There were at least three fire trucks on the scene and fire can still be seen coming from the home.

Stay with 6 News as we wait to learn more.