The economy in Lansing is poised to get a big boost.

Loc Performance Products, a manufacturer of complex mechanical systems, fabricated structures and armor products for defense and commercial industry, is planning to add 700 jobs to the its Lansing production facility.

The company has landed several large defense contracts and is now plans to purchase or build a new facility. CEO Lou Burr says the Lansing plant makes hulls for military tanks.

The $96.5 million project has won a Michigan Business Development Program grant of $7 million to help move the plan forward.

Burr says the positions will be in the skill-trade industry, jobs that are in high demand, both across the state and within the company.

“As of right now, today, we have 100 open positions. I’d hire 100 people right now,” he said. “Most of what we need to hire is cnc machinists and welders. So we are literally going to use every cent that we get from this grant toward recruiting and training.”

Loc Performance is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan and chose Lansing for the project site over locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The company recently purchased the assets of Demmer Corporation in Lansing.

Jeff Mason, the CEO for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, said the expansion is significant for greater-Lansing area.

“This is huge for the region in terms of creating quality jobs for the citizens here in Lansing.”

Mason said the grant is performance-based, so the company won’t receive all the money at once.

“It’s based on them actually hitting certain milestones. So as they start to ramp up and add jobs, they’ll be eligible to receive those grant dollars,” he said.

“Every 140 people we hire, it triggers a milestone payment. So we get a pro-rated portion of the 7 million dollars,” Burr said.

The company has an apprenticeship program, Burr said, which provides on-the-job training and pays for an associates degree. People who reach the top of the program could make up to $58,000 per year.

Burr added the company is already working to fill those positions. He said all 700 positions will likely be filled over the next five years. 

“We’re working with community colleges, high schools, technical centers. I mean, every place we can think of, trying to recruit them into our program,” he said.

Interested in looking into a job with Loc? You can go here for career information.