OWOSSO, Mich. (WLNS) Everything seemed to be working against the Salvation Army’s red kettle drive this year. With stores closed for COVID-19 restrictions, there were fewer businesses open to “ring the bell” at. There were also fewer volunteers, and let’s not forget the nationwide coin shortage and the rough economy. But despite the setbacks, a community in Mid-Michigan showed up, and showed out.

“We were amazed by just the abundance of giving and sacrifice by the people in the Owosso area,” says Zachary Gilna, the outreach coordinator for the Owosso Salvation Army.

Not only did the red kettle drive exceed the projected donations this year, but they beat last years too.

“Last years goal was $55,000 we just barely met it, so we raised it to $60,000 and we weren’t sure if we were going to hit it because of that reason, and we ended up exceeding it and getting $93,000.”

Gilna says, it wasn’t just from one or a few big donors, but it came from many small contributions adding up.

“It shows how a little bit can go a long way and how it adds up if everyone contributes what they can.”

Jackson County’s Salvation Army is also tracking to exceed its projected donations this year, but not every branch is having the same fate.

Without naming specific locations, Gilna says there are many Salvation Army locations that did not meet its goal, and like so many charities and non-profits, they are struggling to make ends meet and provide for people in need. So if you have the means, please give.

If you would like to donate to the salvation army, click here.