DETROIT, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State Police had to break out a helicopter to follow a driver who was going about 130 mph on Wednesday.

A video in a tweet from MSP Second District shows a car driving at high speeds through Detroit. The car drifted from lane to lane, narrowly missing other drivers and ignoring red lights.

At one point, the car even had flames coming out of the back of it.

Eventually, the driver stopped and got out of their car and moved into a new car driven by someone else.

Later on, law enforcement got behind the two people and successfully pulled them over.

At least 11 law enforcement vehicles surrounded the car and took them into custody.

“Not sure when people thought it became ok to drive like this,” the tweet said. “However, these guys won’t be doing it again for a while.”

Both the Detroit Police Department and Michigan State Police with Metro Detroit were involved in the pursuit.